Every client that we host their site or they are on a maintenance plan, has a monitor installed called "Watchful" that notifies us if there is a system issue with their site.  System issues are things like:
  • Site Down
  • Unusually Large Number of Processes Running
  • Core files such as configuration.php or index.php have changed
In addition to our monitor, any client that we're providing hosting through SiteGround, their customer support team reaches out to us should there be an issue beyond what our monitors detect.
When we're notified, we will contact you, letting you know an issue has been detected.  We will continue to keep you updated until the issue is resolved.

If you believe your site is down or compromised and need to reach us, submit a request using the link in the upper right hand corner of this page  or call us at: 847-241-4227 extension 809.

Please note: additional fees may apply to after hours support.